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Google Benefits


Estimated Total Value: $23,217

Unique To Google
  • Fertility Assistance

    Multiple bundles of fertility treatments (including elective egg freezing), fertility consultations, and access to high quality providers.

  • Baby Bonding Bucks

    $500 towards the cost of take-out or delivery meals, house cleaning, or diaper services after the arrival of a new baby.

  • Travel Insurance

    Employees and their accompanying families are covered for international personal travel, 365 days a year.

  • On-site Massage

    Subsidized on-site chair and/or table massage

  • At Home COVID Test Kits

    10 per month, can be used by anyone in your household.

  • Insurance, Health, & Wellness
  • Free Lunch $2,600

    5 days a week

  • Life Insurance

    Basic coverage at 3 times your annual base salary including commissions, to a maximum of $2,500,000. Survivor Income Benefit which provides spouses/partners with 50% of, your income up to 10 years (maximum $12,500 per month) and children up to $1,000 per month.

  • Sick Time


  • Health Savings Account (HSA) $2,000

    $2000 per year contributed by employer

  • Dental Insurance

    100% coverage for preventive and diagnostic services and 60% coverage for major benefits.

  • Vision Insurance

    Exams, contacts, lenses and frames are generously covered with low copays.

  • Disability Insurance

    STD (up to 180 days), LTD up to 60% of your monthly earnings (maximum $15,000 per month).

  • On-Site Clinic

    On-site physicians and/or nurses in Mountain View, Los Angeles, Kirkland, Seattle, and San Francisco.

  • Free Dinner $2,600

    5 days a week

  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

    Coverage for personal accidents with a lump sum of up to 3 times your annual salary, to a maximum of $2,500,000.

  • Home
  • On-Site Laundry

    Free laundry

  • Surrogacy Assistance

    Reimbursement of up to $40k of surrogacy fees

  • Remote Work

    Google expects that 60% of its employees will be on-site for a few days a week, with 20% working in new office locations and 20% working from home. Work-from-anywhere: 4 weeks per year. Google also offers opportunities to apply for completely remote work.

  • Adoption Assistance

    Parental Leave and Baby Bonding Bucks benefits also apply to adoptions. Up to $25,000.

  • Financial & Retirement
  • Student Loan Repayment Plan

    Google will match 100% of your student loan contributions up to a $2,500 annual cap, with those contributions applying towards the principal of your student loan.

  • 401k $7,313

    50% match on employee's contribution up to $19500;

  • Perks & Discounts
  • Transport allowance

    For full-time employees and interns based in select locations (i.e. US-MTV, US, SVL, USPAO and US-RWC).

  • Other
  • Donation Match

    100% match. Up to $10,000 matched

  • Accident Insurance

    Coverage for personal accidents with a lump sum of up to 3 times your annual salary, to a maximum of $2,500,000.

  • Caregiver Leave

    Up to 8 weeks, as of April 2 2022.