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Accurate compensation data

We collect and review proof documents to ensure our data is accurate.

  • Proof Documents Required (W2, Offer Letter, etc)
  • Outlier & Forgery Detection
  • Identity Verification

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How accurate are these salaries? requires a proof document (Offer Letter, W2 Statement, etc) before publishing Verified Salaries. Compensation numbers published are within close margin of the real number (modified slightly for further anonymity).

How do I submit a verified salary?

Upload your Offer Letter, W2 Statement, Annual Comp Statement, etc here.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. Employee names are never released. Compensation numbers are modified slightly within a close margin to preserve anonymity. For small companies or companies with few submissions, the company name will not be revealed. In its place, rough company size (ex. 1-10, 11-50, 51-200, etc) and industry (ex. Automotive, Big Data, etc) will be provided.

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