About Us

Levels.fyi started in 2017 as a side project to help people compare career levels across tech companies is now one of the most popular destination for tech professionals. Our mission is to help every professional build a better career through the most accurate insights and services. Over 1 million professionals use Levels.fyi each month to find and evaluate their next job. It's a painful process - for people and companies alike. We're building the future of hiring by centering ourselves around professionals.

Our investors include top-tier Silicon Valley VCs and Angels passionate about this space.

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Our Team

We are a small team of individuals who are passionate about our mission. We take massive ownership in everything that we do. We're a fully distributed and remote team. We move fast - often going from idea to deploying the same day! Folks at our team have previously worked at AWS, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, Booking.com, Twilio etc.

Team Member 1

Alina Kolesnikova

Data Scientist

Alina is a data enthusiast who can ace tennis and whip up a heavenly tiramisu 🍰. When sheโ€™s not on the court, youโ€™ll find her learning languages

Team Member 2

Abdellatif Abdelfattah

Software Engineer

Abdellatif is a the frontend lead at levels, he works on making the website fast and easy to use. Abdellatif was previously the co-founder of Tarteel and a software engineer at Twitter 🐦. In his free time, he likes hiking and backpacking 🏕.

Team Member 3


Operations Program Manager

Brian joined Levels.fyi in 2021 after a 4-year stint with AWS, bringing strong operational excellence. In his downtime, he enjoys a lot of classic 'old man' 👴 things like yard work, tinkering with cars 🚗, and golf 🏌. He also loves learning and sharing knowledge. He authors many of our blog posts.

Team Member 4

Dushyant Sabharwal

Software Engineer

Dushyant started at Levels back in 2020 and currently leads backend and infrastructure stuff. Previously worked at Uber, Booking.com, Adyen etc. His current interests involve preaching specialty coffee ☕ and bouldering. Loves making Indian 🍛 and Italian 🍝 food.

Team Member 5

Hashir Baqai

Product Lead

Born and brought up in the Bay Area 🌁, Hashir leads all things Product at Levels. In his free time, he loves being outdoors. When he's not climbing or hiking, you can find him playing video games with his kids.

Team Member 6

Robert Castilla

Business Assistant

Hailing from Colombia, Robert is one of the friendly faces 😁 youโ€™ll meet in the chat. When nobodyโ€™s around, you might catch him joyfully singing to his two dogs, while his mind wanders through creative ideas for his next crafty project.

Team Member 7

Tanishq Singh

Software Engineer

🍜 Noodles loving member of the Levels.fyi team. When not devouring delicious dishes, you can find him catching up on some 😴. Firmly believes in Yodaโ€™s famous words, โ€œDo or do not, there is no tryโ€.

Team Member 8

Zaheer Mohiuddin


Favorite Food 🍗 Fried Chicken Sandwich. Also known for 🐝 Beeing sweet. He is a beekeeper and loves honey with just about everything.

Team Member 9

Zuhayeer Musa


When not working on Levels.fyi, he loves playing basketball 🏀 and spending time outdoors. Always experimenting with new web and mobile technologies 🤓, while also staying true to his roots building in jQuery / HTML / CSS 😛