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Levels.fyi's annual software engineer compensation report. View top paying companies, locations & trends.

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What is this?

Our mission at Levels.fyi is to help people build better careers. To date, people like you have helped us collect the most accurate public data on salaries, benefits, leveling, and more. This year, we've grown our dataset to over 100,000 salaries spread across 1,500+ cities around the world. We've helped collectively negotiate over $100M in total compensation through our negotiation service. And now, over a million job seekers visit Levels.fyi every month to be empowered in their decisions. Thank you to all of you who've contributed, and thank you for using the tools we built. If you haven't yet, please take 2 minutes to add your salary, benefits, or leveling and spread the word.

The following report examines data we've collected this past year and dives into the top paying companies and locations. You can view last year's report here.

Although the data is for software engineers, the top paying companies and locations often carry across tech roles. As always, compensation and leveling depend on a variety of factors including interview performance, past experience, competitive offers, etc. The compensation numbers here are for the top paying tech companies and locations - it may not reflect compensation for the rest of the market.

Top Pay by Level

The Levels.fyi Standard is a leveling hierarchy we've abstracted from company-specific names to make aggregation easier. Click through the tabs below to view up to 7 top paying companies by level from 2021. View the compensation for all companies here.

Top Pay by Location

We crunched the numbers across the United States and internationally and found the following cities to have the highest median pay.

Want to see more? Introducing our Live Leaderboard

Our all new live leaderboard features top paying companies refreshed to reflect the the most recent data. Keep tabs on the latest information without having to tune into our reports. You can filter by different locations and discover companies not listed above.

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How can I contribute?

We're only as good as the data we collect. Contribute through the links below and help us spread the word so we can create even richer tools for you and the community.

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