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Our team of recruiters have negotiated dozens of Facebook offers to maximize our candidates' total compensation.


Software Engineer


The negotiation was helpful for reassurance that I was not completely off in what I was going to try. I was pretty much going to do what was suggested, but the negotiator knew the upper bound on equity I could ask for (very useful information). She also drew my attention to trying to bring the base salary up 10K, which I am not sure I was going to try, as well as for the signup bonus. As for doing better, I would have liked a video call with a shared screen. The shared screen would make it easier to follow calculation and understand the numbers.

Senior Engineer




The session was extremely valuable for helping me understand the compensation package and negotiating range for this offer. I was able to accept my final offer with confidence.


Recruiter was really helpful. They explained areas of compensation and how they are calculated by the company. Recruiter was knowledgeable about the specific company and what areas of compensation have negotiation room. Recruiter was able to help find points of negotiation in my current situation.



Sr. Software Engineer (level 5)


Using Sarah's suggestions, I was able to negotiate a better offer without much leverage on my side. I would highly recommend this service in general and Sarah in particular.



Using this service is a no-brainer! Natalie provided a detailed playbook for a tough negotiation that ended with an offer above and beyond what I thought was ever possible!

Software Engineer (E5)


$537 got me +$150k. No exaggeration. This pays for itself in <2 days!

Software Engineer


Very helpful outlining what needs to be done. Excellent introduction and plan to move forward. Honestly I think it's almost perfect retrospectively.

Software Engineer


No-brainer. This service pays for itself many times over. They responded quickly and the scripts they crafted for me worked flawlessly.

What to know

Machine learning and data science heavy shop

Sizeable first year sign-on bonuses

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus all operate under Facebook

A top paying company in 2020

Vesting schedule





YR 1

YR 2

YR 3

YR 4

At Facebook, RSUs are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule: 25% vests in the 1st year (5% every 2.4 months), then 25% in each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years (6.25% every 3 months).

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