Levels.fyi Negotiation Service Reviews

We help you get paid more. Our team of experienced recruiters have helped hundreds evaluate & negotiate higher job offers. Some of our results and reviews are below.

We helped D. H. negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Instacart


Amazing! Gave me the exact script to follow and had inside information of the operations of each company.

We helped Anonymous negotiate a ML Engineer offer at Amazon


Very helpful. I literally can't think of anything to do better. What to say, what to ask for, reasoning... all presented clearly and succinctly.

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Sr. Software Engineer (level 5) offer at Facebook


Using Sarah's suggestions, I was able to negotiate a better offer without much leverage on my side. I would highly recommend this service in general and Sarah in particular.

The session was incredibly helpful. I sought general information related to early stage negotiation and salary expectations for a few forking career paths ahead of me. I left with more clarity around my prospects, more actionable information than I anticipated, and felt empowered to start my next step.

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Snap


This negotiation service helped me get a 20k extra sign on bonus with Snap. Truly an excellent service that the folks at Levels.fyi are building! It's been my favorite product I've discovered in 2020 :)

We helped V. N. negotiate a L5 Software Engineer offer at Google


With a 90K/4 year return with Levels.fyi negotiation service - it's a no brainer! Sarah helped and conversed with me in over 80+ emails and two 30 minute phone calls and helped me in every step of the way!

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Product offer at Facebook


Using this service is a no-brainer! Natalie provided a detailed playbook for a tough negotiation that ended with an offer above and beyond what I thought was ever possible!

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Google


Sarah blew me away with her knowledge and energy. She was so thorough, I took pages of notes. I think my offer might be $100k higher as a result of working with her. She helped me understand my true market value, and more than that, my options along multiple career paths, both present and future. This was a career-altering chat.

The session was helpful. Sarah provided some good feedback on structuring a resume bullet similar to the STAR approach to answering behavioral questions. She also gave some valuable insights into the recruiter mindset and process when taking a candidate to the hiring manager, as well as pointed out a flaw that may not be picked up by ATS.

We helped W. W. negotiate a Software Engineer (E5) offer at Facebook


$537 got me +$150k. No exaggeration. This pays for itself in <2 days!

The session was invaluable to me in adopting the right strategy for maximizing my final compensation given the offers that I was expecting. The advice was easy to understand and perfectly sensible in retrospect, but I would never have thought of it on my own. I only regret that I had not had this conversation earlier in my job search instead of waiting until the offer stage.

We helped J. L. negotiate at Amazon


The session has helped me to get my dream salary. I would recommend this service.

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Raytheon


We helped A. A. negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Google

Amazing negotiation service, helped me secure a top of band offer for my area for a L5! Highly recommended.

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Data Analyst offer at Tata Consultancy Services


We helped Anonymous negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Apple



Super helpful, very experienced recruiter and super valuable feedback

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Operations Manager offer at Amazon


We helped Y. X. negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Facebook


Very helpful outlining what needs to be done. Excellent introduction and plan to move forward. Honestly I think it's almost perfect retrospectively.

We helped Anonymous negotiate a Sr. Technical Account Mgr. offer at Startup (Series B)


The Levels.fyi advisor reviewed my offers with me and gave me helpful negotiation tips. I was able to convince one company to 2X my bonus and bump my stock options... a $30K/yr total increase! Sarah, my Levels.fyi advisor, went over the tactical details of how I should ask for adjustments and play one offer off the other. I was in a time crunch (one company wanted a response in 3 business days), and she even offered to review my draft emails over the weekend before I sent them to my hiring managers! It all worked out, and I've got a great job with great pay!

We helped G. A. negotiate a Software Engineer offer at Facebook


No-brainer. This service pays for itself many times over. They responded quickly and the scripts they crafted for me worked flawlessly.

We helped I. C. negotiate


Levels.fyi takes the guess work out of negotiations so that you are armed with an offer strategy customized to your situation and backed by hard data. More importantly, my negotiations expert knew the ins and outs as a former recruiter for FAANG companies and was able to provide nuanced guidance at each of my options. I also appreciated the thoughtful guidance and coaching support I received as a fresh-minted MBA graduate entering into one of the most volatile job market in the past decade. Levels.fyi was super responsive and always went above and beyond, even providing tips on how to prepare for future interviews. I only wish I had contacted Levels.fyi sooner. I can't recommend the Levels.fyi team enough. I chose Levels.fyi because their expertise, access to data, and professionalism exceeded other options out there and know I wouldn't have been able to get a 10% increase during COVID without their help.