Realtime, High Fidelity Compensation Data

Inform your decisions with accurate, realtime crowdsourced tech compensation data. Fill gaps with our unparalleled level of specificity that traditional salary surveyors contractually aren't able to provide. All at an affordable monthly plan.

$600 / month

Cancel anytime. Historical data available for $8k per year of data - contact us for more details.


Are you a Recruiter or Compensation Analyst? The market changes fast - our data is refreshed daily so you're always a step ahead of the competition.


Our team validates and checks all data points using verified Offer Letters & W2 statements to ensure the highest standards of accuracy. We've worked with startups and leading Fortune 500 Tech companies in guiding compensation plans.

Skill-based is the only compensation data source that provides detailed breakdown by level, location, skills, company size, location and more. Get an edge over traditional, averaged salary surveys.


I contributed my salary, what does this mean for me?

Our data offerings provide employers with the same data you see on our site but in the format they need to make compensation decisions. All data points remain anonymous. Our paid offerings allow us to invest in maintaining and further our mission: Helping people make better career decisions.

How is this different from the data on your site?

Data on the site is provided in raw form. For all paid offerings, our team provides you with a cleaned and normalized data set. Additionally, we provide you the data in a spreadsheet format for easier analysis. The normalized data also includes a Skill Index column allowing you to compare employee compensation of similar seniority across all supported companies. The is a numeric value in the range of 0 - 100 codifying the level, scope, and responsibility of the employee through our leveling normalization.

How do you ensure accuracy?

Although data is self-reported from users on our site, we have verified data from users who have uploaded their Offer Letters, W2 statements and other proof documents which we use to review the self-reported data. To date, we’ve collected hundreds of such documents allowing us to amass the largest, most accurate, self-reported compensation data set online. We encourage compensation analysts to review data of their own companies on our site for a demonstration of our accuracy.

What format do I recieve data?

Subscription data is provided in a live-updating Google Sheet with data beginning from your purchase date for ease of analysis. The sheet can be exported to Excel if you'd like.

Sample of Our Data

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