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Every offer is negotiable. Our team of recruiters have negotiated thousands of offers and regularly increase offers by $30k+.

We’ve negotiated offers across all roles at companies of all sizes like:

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We start with a 1-on-1 call with an experienced Recruiter. Your booking includes guidance through the entire negotiation process with up to 2 follow-up calls (if required) and email support. Our availability fills up fast, book before you think you will get an offer (rescheduling is easy).

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  • 1 intro call

  • Follow-up calls

  • Email support

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  • We win when you win

$975 $650
Typically a 25x return on investment. See proof.

What plan is best for me?

I have an offer
We'll help you negotiate a higher offer. Our former recruiters will evaluate your current offer and identify opportunities to negotiate. We’ll take your preferred companies into account and tell you exactly how to respond. We’ll also prepare you for any calls with recruiters or hiring managers.

A successful negotiation typically takes a few follow-up calls or emails with your coach.

If you have an initial offer with numbers, we suggest booking the Percent plan since it's a bit later in the process. If we're unable to get you an increase it would be cheaper than the Fixed plan. Book a time immediately.
I'm currently interviewing
We’ll prepare you to answer, β€œWhat are your salary expectations?” and help pre-empt a negotiation for companies that you are in the process with. Negotiations start well before most candidates are aware. We'll help you maximize your compensation by being with you from the start.

You can book either the Fixed plan or the Percent plan. We charge for the Fixed plan up front and you receive more value the earlier you book with us. Book a time when you're close to receiving an offer. You receive more value the earlier you book with us. If you don't use any sessions, you'll get a full refund.
I'm a manager or senior+ IC
Our leadership negotiation team specializes in the nuances of higher level offers.

Select a senior IC / manager negotiator.
I'm a Director or VP
Our leadership negotiation team has helped with Director and VP level roles across most major tech companies. We've helped up to L9 at Google and VP1 at Facebook.

Select a senior IC / manager negotiator.
I have a unique situation
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Check out our full FAQ here: Negotiation FAQ



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When should I sign up?

Negotiation begins before you even get an offer. What and how you communicate with recruiters and hiring managers can impact your offer potential. We recommend booking a package before you begin applying to maximize outcomes. If you've already attempted negotiating with the company it can be difficult to salvage the situation. That said, we've helped candidates at all stages of the job process.

How do calls work?

In each 30-min call (Google Meet conference), our negotiation experts will work with you 1-on-1 to craft strategies and scripts to get you paid more (Note: Percent plan starts off with a 45 minute call). We start by understanding where you are in the job search process. Next, we'll strategize your personal negotiation gameplan and craft talking scripts for your current conversations with companies. In addition to the hundreds of offer letters we've already collected, you benefit from the latest anonymized compensation numbers we're privy to across all our clients.

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ page here: Negotiation FAQ