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Get a higher Uber offer by chatting with our team. When you book with us, you’ll start with a 1-on-1 call with an experienced Recruiter to strategize your negotiations. Your booking includes guidance from your coach throughout the entire negotiation process via email support and follow up calls (as needed). For more details, see our FAQ below. Our availability fills up fast, book before you think you will get an offer (rescheduling is easy).

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  • 1 intro call

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Uber offer negotiation reviews



Joe's coaching led to an absolutely incredible outcome, exceeding even my most optimistic expectations. He was also able to navigate regional nuances about my offer, as well as being super fast, and giving some bonus advice about things not directly related to the offer.

Software Engineer


Amazing work done by the team, they helped me navigate 4 different offers from big tech companies in several different locations. A huge shoutout to Timi, Jason, and Brian helping me navigate the different phases of the process, clearly explaining the compensation philosophies, different band structures and negotiation plan. Timi and I managed to increase the total compensation (of 4 years) by 78k$ in one company and 62k$ in another, helping me land a competitive salary to kick-start my job with. 110% recommend utilizing this service, you will be more than happy with the results!

Product Manager

The insights Sarah shared were a masterclass in negotiation miraculously condensed into an effective 30 minute session.

Software Engineer II (Machine Learning)

+$25k helps my offer increase 25k in several hours

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