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Stripe offer negotiation reviews

Staff Data Scientist


Joe was extremely helpful guiding me through the negotiation process. He both helped me set up a communication strategy to juggle offers from several companies and helped me drafting emails to get a better outcome. His responses were prompt and on point, and the advice tactically and strategically sound. Joe's insights were particularly valuable when it came to understanding what could be leveraged in negotiations.

Product Manager L4


Randy was great! Very responsive and knowledgable, and helped me get a great increase on my offer. Highly recommend.

Staff Software Engineer


Every call I had with Randy was helpful. I wasn't sure how to navigate who should give numbers first, how to approach talking to two companies at the same time, etc. It also relieved a lot of the anxiety about having an offer rescinded after asking for more compensation. I was impressed about Randy's knowledge of what the market conditions were for my given role and company I was interviewing for. I also appreciated that Randy's email templates for how to engage with recruiters, as it made it much easier for me to have confidence to communicate with them.



Randy has a ton of experience in terms of what the market can sustain and current trends which helped me craft a convincing argument to quickly negotiate a higher compensation package. He listened to my goals and the information I provided and used that to customize an email that was diplomatic yet firm, reducing the amount of back and forth and quickly closing with the company I was negotiating with.



During my job search I was very fortunate to have received a few different offers. While this is a great problem to have, it was definitely stressful to navigate the tight timelines, confusing numbers, tricky language, and different expectations for each company. Sara was able to help me at every step of the negotiation process, including how to respond to offers when they're given over the phone, how to manage a company's expectations and timelines, and the actual negotiation of the offer. I ended up increasing my total compensation more than $10,000 as a result of Sara's help, and even better I felt confident and in control while doing so. Would definitely recommend the service to others!

L2 Software Engineer


The session was helpful to get the right mindset of negotiation and additional points to help with a difficult offer (Stripe).

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