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Microsoft offer negotiation reviews

Software Engineer 2


The recruiter really helped me understand the job market and my particular scenario. She was really quick and prompt with her responses so that we could meet my timeline constraints. As a result, we were able to work collectively and land a really good job offer.

Software Development Engineer II


All facets of the negotiation process were outlined, including not just compensation numbers, but also peripheral details like time off in between jobs. For each request that I wanted to make, Joe gave a great perspective on how much we could ask for, what was reasonable to ask for, how to ask for it, etc. Plenty of help on constructing these requests in a way that made sense to the parties I was working with. There's a lot of subtleties that I simply have yet to discern due to my own priorities and biases, but the reality here is that Levels has among the best datasets for navigating these types of situations. Joe was able to help me overshoot my target. Thanks Joe!



The session was extremely helpful in terms of learning what tactics I should use when negotiating the offer. It gave me confidence in negotiating with the recruiter by showing me: what points of leverage I could use; what recruiters usually will respond to; a reality check in terms of what was feasible when asking for a stronger offer. The session with Randy was also useful as he helped craft a template correspondence to use when I initially asked for more money. I'm extremely happy with the service and have no suggestions on how the service could improve!

SDE 62


Extremely helpful, Amanda provided draft emails and was quick to answer questions. She did a great job talking me through the process. The outline provided helped me negotiate better over the phone. The final offer was higher than I possibly expected.

Senior Program Manager


Levels.FYI is the real deal - real recruiters from tech companies with real, current information. My negotiator was up front with me that I already had a good offer, and informed me about potential areas to improve it a bit more. She reassured me that asking for more won't risk my offer, if I'm thoughtful about how I approach it. In the end I ended up getting $20k more, an absolutely amazing deal for the price of an hour with the negotiator. I will recommend this service to everyone I know who ever gets an offer from a tech company. It's a no-brainer.



I worked with Taylor and he was amazing. Started up by setting clear expectations of the process and then basically partitioned each phase as a milestone worthy of the next call session.


Working with Sarah has been an absolute pleasure. Sarah has a wealth of experience when it comes to negotiation and tech companies. I cannot thank her enough for helping me in achieving the right compensation package based on my experience. We have exchanged “N” number of emails and she was always happy to hop on a call and explain to me if need be. Her unique sense of crafting precise emails and mentioning all the points will help one to drive conversations in the challenging negotiation phase. I highly recommend for anybody who wants a smooth negotiation process. If you're lucky, you work with Sarah :)



Cate has been instrumental in providing support during the negotiation phase. She has been approachable and makes it easier to work with her. The negotiation emails drafted by her convey all your expectations well. Within one round of negotiation and her email, we saw a significant increase in the compensation. I would highly recommend working with Cate for negotiation advice.

Software Engineer II


Extremely helpful! Mackenzie was able to provide insider insights and impactful suggestions through out the process.

Software Engineer II


I strongly recommend taking the three session package. It helped me during the whole process, from the first chat with the recruiter until my counter offer. They guided me on how to gather information from the recruiter and how to use that information to increase the offer. Everything was very professional and ethical.

Program Manager 2


It was quite insightful. I got to know how a negotiator thinks and feels, so it helped me go in not completely blind to what I should say and do. Would highly recommend this service if you've never negotiated before.



The session was extremely helpful. I was given tips that can be applied for future offers as well. I was able to raise my RSU amount by $15,000 and my sign-on Bonus by $5000 with no competing offers!



Carlos is very professional, energetic and knowledgeable. He helped me to formulate my conversations, estimate ranges, and understand the offer. I got a hefty offer in the end. I strongly recommend this service!



Very helpful! I was able to have the courage to ask for more and do so in a tactful and ultimately successful way.

Principal Program Manager Lead


Highly knowledgeable, clear guidance, excellent outcome. What more could I want?



Small price to pay to make a big economic impact. Negotiator’s know the in/outs.

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