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Google offer negotiation reviews



Randy was key for my successful negotiations with Google. He took the time to understand my priorities and goals and tailored all the negotiation process around it. He helped me anchoring our ask at a high point, and at the end of the negotiation he helped driving an additional 20K TC increase over Google’s “final” offer.



I cannot overstate the tremendous impact Randy had on my journey to secure a L5 SWE offer from Google. Thanks to Randy's expertise and support, I achieved a $170K increase in my compensation package. Right from the start, Randy demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry and accurately assessed my market value. With this knowledge, Randy skillfully crafted a highly effective and thoughtful email template that served as the foundation for my negotiation strategy. Throughout the process, Randy was consistently responsive, promptly addressing all my inquiries and concerns. I highly recommend Randy to anyone seeking expert assistance in navigating complex job negotiations.



Emiko was very helpful throughout the process, with prompt replies for any questions I had throughout the way. We worked together during the negotiation process and within a matter of days increased the offer by ~23K!

L6 Senior Software Engineer


It was super helpful. Randy had the experience that I needed to answer questions regarding the process, who I was negotiating with, and how to write the counter offer email. It was so good they gave us everything we asked for.



Timi is so helpful and knowledgable. The session was really eye opening to me as I had no competing offers and Timi told me that we could still increase total TC by quite a bit. I don't have any prior experience of negotiating and Timi helped me keep some answers ready based on what could happen in the initial calls with my recruiter. He also helped me draft an email response to ask for more. Personally, I did not expect too much increase as I did not have any competing offers, but I was quite surprised when I got a total of $55k TC increase in first year. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone who has never done any negotiating before. This is an entire different world to me. The ROI of this service is amazing coz you take this learning and can use it in future as well.



Having Timi as a negotiator was like having a big brother behind your back to support you with useful industry information and morale. I felt very confident speaking to my recruiter because of the tools and information Timi gave me. I learnt a lot of tricks and tips for negotiating salary and gained a lot of confidence through the process. Timi was very prompt, gave detailed explanations for each step we took in the negotiations. Negotiating is a very tough task for me and this service provided me with the validation and strength that I needed!

Engagement Manager


I think the service is amazing. I honestly didn't even know where to start in terms of negotiating. My negotiator took the time to really understand what I wanted and gather all the details. He crafted several responses which ultimately led to about a $36k increase in total compensation. He explained when we should email vs call, how to hold my tone, and the logic behind his responses. I'm very happy with my ROI.

Staff Software Engineer


It was incredibly valuable to work with Randy. His advice was clear and actionable, his email template was easy to adapt and he gave me very useful insider information on what motivates the recruiting team. Working with a coach gave me the confidence to submit numbers way above anything I would have suggested myself, and stopped me over-thinking once I had hit "send"!

Data Scientist


It was a surprisingly positive and valuable experience. Randy was very knowledgeable and extremely responsive. The result is much better than if I would have done it myself. I would recommend him and to anyone who is the process of landing a job offer.



Kacy was very helpful. The verbiage she provided for my counteroffer statement helped provide the confidence and clarity to ask for what I really wanted.

Product Operations Manager


Ryan was very responsive and made sure I got the instant help to handle my negotiation as effectively as possible. Many people might argue that the what our coach tell us to do are something we all can find online. I totally agree with that. However, a coach will help you decide the right strategic move at the right moment, the right things to say/write in an email, the reasonable amount to ask for and have the right expectation for your negotiation. Everything based on your personal profile and unique situation. Ryan has done an excellent job to help me based on what I shared. With a new candidate who has never negotiated like me, this proves to be very valuable.

Sr Interaction Designer (L5)


Ryan validated my concern that the Google offer I received was extremely low and gave me the confidence and words to negotiate for something comparable to what I saw on Levels. I didn't have a competing offer and was coming from a job with no RSUs, so I didn't have much leverage; however, using parts of Ryan's email helped me craft a persuasive argument that Google accepted. Seeing numbers this high made my stomach churn with equal parts excitement and dread that I was getting taken advantage of, and I'm thankful that Ryan was so supportive. Maybe I could've asked for more, but it's a number that I'm happy with for my first big tech job.

Interaction Designer


Joe was a pleasure to work with from the very start. He was extremely thorough during our initial call and set concrete expectations. My negotiation process was drawn out from the employer's side and Joe was responsive and calmed my nerves more than once. I would recommend Joe and this service to everyone.

Senior Software Engineer


The sessions were extremely helpful! I learned a ton on negotiation from the sessions and with the negotiation tips and tricks I learnt I was able to negotiate my offer significantly higher. I highly recommend it. My coach was very patient, detailed and knowledgeable on the entire negotiation process.



Ashley was helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. We first scheduled a call a few weeks before my onsites to go over an overall plan. She suggested rescheduling some of the specific dates to time the offers better for certain companies (ex Google and Amazon usually take longer than Meta and smaller companies). She told me exactly what to say in the call with the recruiters and which questions to ask. Once the offers started rolling in we had a shared google doc with drafts for emails to send out to each recruiter asking for more compensation. We used Amazon's offer to drive up Meta's best and final, then presented it to Google and pressed twice to get the first-year total comp from 225 to 265 to 340K. I was so surprised it almost felt unbelievable that it was even possible. Good interview performance helped a ton but when it comes to negotiating your final comp, the price for a good negotiator has stupidly high ROI and I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't hate money.

Engineering Manager


The session is so helpful. I love the structured tips/suggestions. After the session, I am more confident to have comp discussion with recruiters.



Ashley helped me get more than 50K comp per year! Nothing I can expect more!



This service was worth EVERY PENNY! I started with a low ball offer from Google and after it was all said and done I had (with the help of Ashley from increased by total first-year compensation by 36%. Even after we reached the "final offer" we were then able to go back one more time and get the last increase that I wanted. I am very satisfied with the service and most certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to negotiate effectively.

L4 Hardware Engineer


Ashely was extremely helpful and responsive! She explained the steps in the process and how to capitalize on negotiation. We ended up meeting our realistic goal and landed in the upper percentile of those with similar positions. I honestly don't think I could have done this without her. I only wish I had met with her earlier!

Staff Software Engineer


This service was extremely helpful and eye opening. Having someone on your side with this expertise is incredibly valuable.

Product Manager


Timi was my negotiation guardian angel. I was a bundle of nerves when we first met, and he immediately allayed my fears and helped me get in the right frame of mind to be successful. We prepared for the comp conversation before it began, he walked me through how it would go, and then gave me great tips on how to handle the offer after it arrived. Throughout the process, he was extremely responsive and was always available if I had any questions. I can't express how much of a difference it was to have him in my corner. 10 stars out of 5. If you're on the fence, trust me, just sign up already!

Sr. Software Engineer


Insanely helpful. Not only were they responsive to my messages, but they tailored their negotiation strategy to the challenges I was having negotiating myself. I learned a lot from this service.

Staff Software Engineer


The offer negotiation service provided by and the help from Taylor were certainly game changing for my process - I got +£30k increase from the original offer and I'm certain that without this service I wouldn't even have the courage to negotiate it at all as this is a very uncomfortable process for me.

Product Manager L5


Even though there is already a lot of data on, having someone to talk to directly about my own specific situation really puts those numbers in context and gives me the confidence of knowing what is a "fair" ask. All the insights I got really helped my negotiation process. I couldn't have done it without all the help.

Software Engineer

+$10k negotiation service is just amazing. All the sessions were perfectly aligned to what I need. Timi, Brian, and Sarah - guys you were amazing. Service is cost-effective and every penny is worth paying at the same time. Honestly speaking, if I had tried to negotiate all by myself, I would have left a lot of money on the table.

Staff Software Engineer


This session was amazing. I loved how responsive and knowledgeable Sarah is. I would highly recommend throwing money at this service, it was extremely profitable for me. The knowledge that Levels has accumulated about the negotiation process helped me yield an additional $100k annually over what I would have been able to negotiate myself. Even just the fact that Levels researches and drafts the negotiation emails is frankly worth the $3000 dollars. I would have spent at least 10 hours trying to research and draft the negotiation emails and I would frankly have done a sub-par job compared with the draft from Levels. At which point its significantly more cost effective to pay experts for this service.



Taylor helped me navigate a complicated 3 company situation. His understanding of the FAANG recruiting systems was absolutely critical. He got me to ask for numbers I couldn't dream to go for, and they went for it.



I did a lot of DIY/homework before the offer process. Yet, I was very anxious before the salary negotiation. When I heard the first offer, I felt I deserved a lot more. That's when I reached out to During my initial discussion with Taylor, he understood the background quickly & my expectations. He helped me frame the emails as part of negotiation. He brings his experience and level headed-ness into the process. He also responds to emails quickly which is important when you are in the middle of negotiation. I really appreciate that. In the end, I am very happy with the offer I received. I would highly recommend him.

Program Manager


Sarah walked me through exactly what to say in my initial comp meeting. This was just the beginning. Throughout all the 40+ emails back and forth, she advised me on how to respond with perfect clarity and timeliness--even drafting emails. Levels.FYI made it possible to successfully negotiate a huge increase without competing offers. 10/10! Best money I have spent on my career.



Timi is a rockstar and this service, from, is invaluable. The matching process is fantastic and pairs you up with folks who have experience in your target company. Outside of the financial benefits, this service also provided awareness on other benefits and perks that you would otherwise miss out on. Highly recommended!

Strategic Cloud Engineer


It is extremely helpful for myself, despite I have read other articles and watched YT videos. The information and guidance from negotiator is highly valuable.



I began speaking with a number of negotiation services, including Levels and some competitors. Levels was the only one who genuinely seemed to want to see me succeed (instead of see it as just a transaction). Other services lowballed my estimated compensation - Levels aimed way higher, and we achieved it. Sarah was an absolutely godsend when it came to negotiation with Google. She was kind enough to walk me through the entire negotiation process from start to finish. She gave me some really great tips on "how things work" with Google's negotiations. And most importantly, she gave me the confidence to push hard in negotiations and not give in! I cannot express how great Sarah is - helpful, patient, knowledgable, super responsive. I'm excited to start at Google knowing I negotiated the best offer I could!



Sarah helped me to draft negotiation email and were very responsive to answer all the question I had. We had 100+ emails during the whole negotiation process and 3 sessions and Sarah helped me to increase the TC by almost 20K per year. I highly recommend Sarah to any one who are in the offer negotiation process!

L4 Software Engineer


Sarah was extremely knowledgeable on compensation structures or ranges from Google, Facebook, Amazon to even startups such as Coinbase, Chime, Stripe etc. Sarah also detailed exactly what to communicate and how and what order to whom for me to negotiate the most optimal compensation given my situation. Her compensation negotiation strategy combined with her in depth knowledge in industry standards lead me to be able to negotiate 44% higher total compensation than my initial offer. I could not have paid for a better service.

Product Manager


Cate was very thorough, insightful and straight to the point. No fluff. Very practical on the wording and approach.

L4 Software Engineer


Very helpful. The most helpful insight was the info that the recruiters have incentives if a candidate accepts an offer, and no incentives in how low a comp package is agreed upon. I managed to negotiate (almost) exactly what I was hoping for.

L4 Software Engineer


My recruiter knew exactly what to say to increase my compensation package by 25%, pushing me all the way to the top of the range. No stress, just free money.

Software Engineer


The sessions were very useful. Natalie outlined in detail how to initiate the conversation to set a high bar using other companies I was interviewing with as well as my existing compensation at the time. In the end, I was able to get a great final offer. Totally worth the money!

Hardware Engineer


Make notes about everything the negotiation coach says ‘cause you’re gonna need it.

UXE Lead


L4 Designer

Sarah helped me evaluate my offer. She told me I had a strong offer and gave me tips on exactly how to get more and how much. She also knew some of the risks associated with my unique situation. I decided not to push my already strong offer and seal the deal instead. I can sleep at night knowing how much more I could have gotten and that I’d rather take the offer as is. I will NEVER evaluate an offer without this service ever again.

L5 Software Engineer


With a 90K/4 year return with negotiation service - it's a no brainer! Sarah helped and conversed with me in over 80+ emails and two 30 minute phone calls and helped me in every step of the way!

Software Engineer


Sarah blew me away with her knowledge and energy. She was so thorough, I took pages of notes. I think my offer might be $100k higher as a result of working with her. She helped me understand my true market value, and more than that, my options along multiple career paths, both present and future. This was a career-altering chat.

Software Engineer

Amazing negotiation service, helped me secure a top of band offer for my area for a L5! Highly recommended.

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