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Get a higher Amazon offer by chatting with our team. The Fixed plan starts with a 30 minute 1-on-1 session with an experienced Recruiter and the Percent plan starts with a 45 minute session. Your Coach will guide you through the entire negotiation process with up to 2 follow-up calls (if you prefer) and email support. Our availability fills up fast, book before you think you will get an offer (rescheduling is easy).

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  • 1 intro call

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Amazon offer negotiation reviews



This is a great service and I highly would recommend it! I think if you're not very experienced with negotiating and you make over 100k, you'll take alot away from this. It's an invaluable service for high earning power individuals, negotiating is a skill like any other. Invest in yourself through a specialized negotiating service like levels! It's the difference between fighting with a machine gun or a bow and arrow.



Mackenzie is knowledgeable about the Amazon negotiation process. An initial call to level-set the expectations followed by one other one to review the offer and plan of action for a counter offer was all it was needed - worked like magic. Mackenzies skill in crafting a cohesive response based on the current facts has secured me with an yearly raise of 33K from the initial offer.



Working with Carlos has been nothing short of amazing. He frequently adjusted his calendar to accommodate me on any given day within minutes of requesting him. Carlos answered every single one of my questions and helped me draft an email to negotiate and I was able to get an offer increase of $25k/year. I highly recommend Carlos to anyone who is interested in negotiating their salary.

Systems Development Engineer


If you have even a little bit of a doubt about this service, I would say don't think much and just go for it! This is an extremely great service with a huge return on investment. Jason was extremely responsive and had quick turn around times for replying to my recruiters emails. His inputs and explanations of how the compensation structures work, how should you negotiate helped me a lot. He also gave tips on how to navigate through the conversations with the recruiter.



Mackenzie was very responsive to my email and very flexible with impromptu meetings as per my needs. She is very knowledgeable and helped me craft compelling emails to get a higher offer. Thank you, Mackenzie.

L5 non-engineering role


All of the sessions with Natalie were amazing! She helped me navigate a complicated situation with two FAANG companies and helped me increase my offer by more than 50K in TC and this was an out-of-band offer for my role and level!!! Natalie went above and beyond and worked with my comfort level and gave me very clear language (word for word) to use with the recruiters both for calls and for emails. She even pre-empted what the recruiter would say to me and she was right every time. She always came prepared to our sessions and was responsive over email and text and answered all of the questions I had. It was clear that she is experienced - she knew exactly how compensation and negotiations work within each company and what the market worth for an individual is based on their background, interviews, competing offers, level, and individual circumstance. I felt confident and prepared walking into each negotiation conversation/email. I would recommend it to anyone, even the strongest of negotiators! We'll be requesting this service, especially Natalie for my spouse's future negotiations too!



Carlos drafted the negotiation email and answered all my follow-up questions. He guided me step by step on how to response to each of the recruiter emails. He is really professional and responsive. The negotiation process could not be so smooth without Carlos! He made my life much much easier. I would highly recommend Carlos to everybody who needs professional advise on offer negotiation.

Applied Scientist


Carlos was very friendly to talk to and knowledgeable about negotiating for applied/research scientists. He helped me work through my offers and understand the situation and options. We worked together to come up with the plans for negotiation next steps. He even helped draft an email to send to the recruiter. I also appreciate it a lot when he helped with some last-day rescheduling of my sessions to fit my timeline. I successfully negotiated all my three offers under Carlos' help, including one that is already high initially. What's more to me out is that I had more peace of mind in negotiating offers because I understood more about how it works on the other side of the table.

Senior Public Relations Manager


The session was very helpful. I was worried that the consultant would try to drag things out or up-sell me. He did neither. He was concise, but thorough, and his advice ended up getting me an additional $20,000 per year in comp. My only quibble was that he told me he would follow up by emailing me additional research material on comp bands, but I never received it. Regardless, the additional material proved unnecessary, and I was more than pleased with the result.

Account Executive


Salary negotiation is something you do a few times in your career. uniquely uses recruiters who know the ins and outs to give you an honest approach to getting your best offer. It’s a no brainer and one of the best investments I’ve ever made.



Very helpful sessions! Mackenzie was great to work with and was there to support me through out the negotiation process. She shared valuable tips that helped me with negotiations and taught me great lessons that I'm sure will be useful in the future.



The session was extremely helpful. This was my first time negotiating an offer with a FAANG company and the entire comp structure and associated levels were new to me. Philip guided me through what was a very enlightening session where he spoke about TC ranges for the given level and what i could ask for. He also coached me on negotiation tactics and helped me get the desired offer. Owing to his negotiation coaching sessions i was able to successfully negotiate an offer 33% higher than what i was expecting coming in to these sessions


Extremely helpful! Natalie kept in touch with me throughout my negotiation process and when I had additional interviews with another company. She guided me with salary expectations, and conversation structure to get the expected salary. She advised me to say my salary expectations from the get go, and that worked well for me!

Senior Software Engineer


Extremely helpful, Natalie helped me to negotiate offers from multiple companies, the final offer was significantly higher than I expected initially.



My negotiator was awesome, explained everything, helped me craft a personalized honest response which turned into a noticeable offer increase... Thanks!



Philip helped me negotiate my offer by $18,000. The amount of information he provided was definitely worth way more than $250. Great service. I highly recommend

ML Engineer


Very helpful. I literally can't think of anything to do better. What to say, what to ask for, reasoning... all presented clearly and succinctly.



The session has helped me to get my dream salary. I would recommend this service.

Operations Manager


What to know

Known for a backloaded vesting schedule

Typically offers 2 years of signing bonuses

Interview Tip: Prepare an example for each of Amazon's Leadership Principles using the STAR method

Base salary caps out at $160-185k (region specific) for all employees regardless of level

Vesting schedule





YR 1

YR 2

YR 3

YR 4

At Amazon, RSUs are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule: 5% vests in the 1st year, 15% in the 2nd year, then 40% in each of the 3rd and 4th years (20% every 6 months).