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🚀 July Welcome + Market Update📉📈

New July members -- Welcome to the Community! This is a place to chat about tech, industry trends, and opportunities to advance your career! Please introduce yourself below, our community is here to help!

The market is down but not out! The S&P 500 is down more than 20% in the past six months, the Dow is off more than 15%, and the Nasdaq has plummeted 30%. Tech companies have been in headlines quite a bit as well, most notably Netflix for their recent layoffs. This is due in part to entertainment and media stocks doing poorly. Right now, Netflix is down 70%, Disney is down 38% and Sony is at 34%. Share your thoughts on how you think the market will turn around.

Despite the troubling news, many companies are still hiring, making strategic investments, and announcing big policy changes! If you’re out looking for a new job, check out last month’s job thread below.

Who’s Hiring? Mega-Thread

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b21okmfUlBusiness Analyst 2 years ago
Hi everyone, just joined. I'm a project manager at a small finance company in CO. As far as the market goes, I honestly think it's still hard to tell because there are so many things happening right now. There's a war, the govt is making historically controversial moves, there's still the pandemic issues, and I'm going to call out inflation separately since that's a whole other animal. All of this rests on whether people have money to spend, are willing to spend it, and if they can even afford what they want to buy and I know I'm saving more now than BEFORE the pandemic because the layoffs could come at any time.