Acing Facebook Product Manager Interview Process

Have you been dreaming about becoming a Facebook Product Manager, but aren’t sure where to start?

Have you been dreaming about becoming a Facebook Product Manager, but aren’t sure where to start?

At, we are going to shine some light on how to ace the Facebook Product Manager interview process.

Getting a Program Manager Interview at Facebook

Before we dive into what to expect from a Facebook Product Manager (PM) interview, let’s take a look at what the company is looking for in a potential candidate.

Product Manager Responsibilities

According to Facebook’s PM job posting, “Facebook Product Managers work with teams of engineers and designers to build products.” Facebook states that they are looking for extremely entrepreneurial PMs to help innovate and execute various product initiatives.

Some of the Product Manager responsibilities include:

  • Leading the technical development, ideation, and launch of innovative products
  • Driving product development with a team of engineers and designers
  • Defining and analyzing metrics that determine the success of products
  • Establishing shared vision across the company by creating consensus on priorities necessary for product execution
  • Understanding Facebook’s competitive and strategic position and delivering best-in-industry products Integrating market analysis, research, and usability studies into product requirements to increase user satisfaction levels
  • Maximizing efficiency in an evolving environment, where creative solutions are the norm and the process is fluid

Required Qualifications

Facebook also describes qualifications required from candidates. Interestingly, for such a complex role, the qualification list is rather short: everyone who feels comfortable about their professional background is free to apply.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years of experience building software as a product owner or product manager
  • Experience working with different sets of clients as a product manager
  • Experience using data to solve business problems
  • Presentation and communication skills and experience

Preferred Qualifications

  • BA/BS
  • Experience building consumer or enterprise software products

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Facebook PM Interview Process and Timeline

Between your PM application and the final offer/no offer decision, you can expect to spend four to eight weeks going through several interview rounds intended to test your personal qualities and professional abilities.

Facebook Interview Rounds

Generally, the interview process for a Facebook Program Manager role consists of the following rounds:

  1. Resume, cover letter, referrals
  2. Phone screen with an HR (1 interview)
  3. Program Manager phone screen (2 interviews - Product Sense and Execution)
  4. PM on-site interview (3 interviews - Product Sense, Execution, Leadership and Drive)

Most of the time, you will start out by talking to an HR recruiter on the phone. The goal of this first phone screen is to learn more about your background and why you believe you are a good fit for Facebook. You can expect typical resume and behavioural questions like “Why Facebook” or “Tell me about yourself”.

After the first HR screen, you will be invited for several phone interviews with Facebook PMs, followed by on-site interviews. Facebook is very transparent with their interview process, so your HR will walk you through the types of questions to expect in subsequent rounds.

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Facebook Interview Types

All of the interviews you will do with Facebook PM’s are 45 minutes in length and follow one of the three themes:

Product Sense Interview

The Product Sense interview is intended to test your product strategy and design skills. Facebook wants to see that you are obsessed with the user and know how to define user problems and design solutions to solve them.

You can expect questions like:

  • How would you improve Facebook birthdays?
  • Should Facebook enter the jobs / dating market?
  • What should Facebook do next?

Execution Interview

Once Program Managers have decided what problem needs to be solved and what solutions need to be implemented, it’s time to execute! The Execution interview is your chance to display that you have strong analytical and prioritization skills.

Here are some sample Execution interview questions:

  • You are a PM for Facebook pages - what features would you prioritize?
  • Facebook ads revenue dropped by 20% - what would you do?
  • How would you measure success and set goals for Instagram stories?

Leadership and Drive Interview

Finally, Program Managers need to be able to resolve conflicts, motivate their team, build relationships, work with others, and drive alignment.

Your leadership and drive qualities will be tested with questions like:

  • What is a good PM / bad PM?
  • Tell me about a time you failed at work.
  • What’s your biggest accomplishment?

How You Are Evaluated

During the entire Facebook Program Manager interview process, your recruiter is responsible for taking you from one stage to the next. Here is what happens behind the scenes:

  1. After the PM phone screen, the two interviewers have 24 hours to submit their notes and ratings to the internal system. The recruiter reviews the feedback and makes the decision of whether or not you will be moving on to the next round.
  2. After the PM on-site interview, each of the three interviewers will provide feedback and recommendation on hiring you. The recruiter will compile the packet including documents like your resume and interview feedback and present it to the hiring committee.
  3. The hiring committee consists of senior leaders across Facebook. They are the ones who will make the final decision based on your packet and information collected about you through the process. The committee will also decide on your level and compensation.

Facebook Interview Preparation Tips

Now, that you know what to expect from the Facebook Program Manager interview process, it’s time to focus on preparation.

  • Study the products. You can’t become a PM at Facebook without knowing all the ins and outs of the company’s products and its organization. Do some homework before your interview. Facebook’s annual reports and strategy presentations are a great place to start.
  • Brush up on product fundamentals. If you don’t have a lot of experience as a Product Manager, it is worth spending some time to open a book and study basic product management concepts.
  • Structure your answers. When answering any interview question, it is a good idea to use a framework of your choice to convey your solution. For example, the STAR method is a great comprehensive technique to structure your answers.
  • Think about the users. Facebook values user empathy. In the Execution interview, Facebook is expecting you to find and track metrics based on specific user segments, so think about different user segments and what they are looking for in advance.
  • Be able to discuss trade offs. Both Products Sense and Execution interviews require you to assess complex scenarios and problems. Practice evaluating the pros and cons of several potential solutions to select the best one to implement.
  • Come up with unique solutions. Facebook is big on creativity and innovation. Especially in the Product Sense interview, the uniqueness and creativity of your solution will earn you some extra points.
  • Practice makes perfect. You can practice answering sample interview questions by yourself, with your peers, or even with experienced Program Managers if you know them - they will be able to give you more accurate and detailed feedback.

How Did Hiring Change at Facebook After Covid-19?

Despite the huge economic impact caused by Covid-19, Facebook continues hiring and working as usual, but it has adopted a work-from-home policy.

The only thing that has changed about the way Facebook is hiring new Program Managers is that now, candidates are expected to complete all the interviews virtually.

According to Facebook, applicants can use any tool they prefer to complete their interviews, as long as they have a strong internet connection. Facebook has updated their website with a variety of tools and resources to help you master your virtual interview and resolve any potential technical difficulties.

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Succeeding in the Facebook Program Manager interview process may be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. With the right preparation and tools, you can be sure to ace your interviews and receive a much-desired Facebook PM job offer!

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