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The compensation figures below reflect median total yearly compensation amounts, including base salaries, stock grants, and bonuses.

It's a difficult task to accurately compare leveling across companies. We aim to make that comparison as easy as possible, using our standard leveling framework. Currently, standard leveling is only available for Software Engineer positions within companies that have leveling structures submitted to our database. Median compensation across all levels is supported for all job roles.

You may see that some level/location combinations yield little to no valid data, but with your help, we can change that. If you would like to help support our mission to help people make better career decisions, we encourage you to contribute via Add Compensation, Add Level Mapping, and Add Benefits. Feel free to share data and with your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and colleagues and encourage them to do the same! The more data points we have, the more power we have to change the culture around salary transparency, helping job seekers all across the world.

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Disclaimer: Compensation and leveling depend on a variety of factors including interview performance, past experience, competitive offers, etc. The compensation numbers here are for the top paying companies for the selected level and location; it may not reflect compensation for the rest of the market.

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Median across all levels.
Due to variability in submission data, median compensations may appear skewed, especially for non-Software Engineer roles. Help everyone gain access to better data by sharing this leaderboard, as well as contributing your salaries and compensations.
Typically 0-2 years of experience.
New-grads or little to no industry experience. Develop and maintain low to moderately complex components working on a team. Typically receives guidance and support from more experienced team members.
Typically 2-5+ years of experience.
Develop and own moderate to complex components. Possibly lead a small team or project. Ability to mentor engineers, provide technical guidance, code reviews, design and deliver on small projects end-to-end. Impact is typically at the immediate team scope. At many companies, this is considered a 'career-level', as in you can spend the rest of your career operating at this level without being pushed out for not being promoted.
Typically 5+ years of experience.
Typically less than 30% of employees in a company are at this level. Expected to lead and own complex technical initiatives. Begin setting the vision and future direction of team. Impact across multiple related teams within an org. Role shifts more towards design rather than implementation depending on size and expectations at company.
Typically 10+ years of experience.
This level is much more coveted than the previous ones. Typically less than 10% of employees in a company are at this level. Impact spans across organizations. Entrusted with business-critical projects and for setting technical vision for an org or multiple orgs. Responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on technical designs across an org. Little to no day-to-day coding. Role depends highly on organizational and company needs and becomes loosely defined. Expected to operate fully autonomously.
Typically 15+ years of experience.
Usually less than 3% of employees in a company are at this level. Smaller companies may not have any individuals at this level. Impact spans across the company and sometimes industry. Expected to operate fully autonomously.
RankCompanyTitle Name
Base | Stock | Bonus
250K | 0 | N/A
TwitterSenior Recruiter
170K | 30K | N/A
200K | 25K | N/A
4 DatabricksL5
160K | 40K | N/A
5 CruiseL4
139K | 26K | N/A
6 Noom
145K | 45K | N/A
7 AirbnbG9
149K | 30K | N/A
8 GeminiL6
200K | 0 | N/A
9 Cisco
200K | 0 | N/A
10 OktaL4
170K | 15K | N/A
11 Course HeroSenior Recruiter
180K | 0 | N/A
12 Roblox
170K | 25K | N/A
13 OpenAIL4
190K | 0 | N/A
14 Palo Alto Networks
190K | 0 | N/A
15 Pinterest
150K | 40K | N/A
16 SlackG06
190K | 0 | N/A
17 WorkdayP4
145K | 20K | N/A
18 Coinbase
127K | 50K | N/A
19 AdobeP40
143K | 25K | N/A
20 StripeL2
140K | 32K | N/A
21 DoorDash
110K | 70K | N/A
22 AppleICT4
145K | 19K | N/A
23 VMwareP4
148K | 5K | N/A
24 Snap
177K | 0 | N/A
25 CoalitionSenior
142K | 34K | N/A
26 RivianRIV-7
175K | 0 | N/A
27 Block
150K | 23K | N/A
28 WaymoL4
150K | 0 | N/A
29 ZoomZP2
130K | 31K | N/A
30 Dropbox
140K | 10K | N/A
31 Nvidia
166K | 0 | N/A
32 BoxSenior Recruiter
140K | 25K | N/A
33 Atlassian
165K | 0 | N/A
34 PayPalT24
135K | 12K | N/A
35 GoogleL3
103K | 40K | N/A
36 Figma
163K | 0 | N/A
37 IntuitL2
125K | 23K | N/A
38 ZillowP4
160K | 0 | N/A
39 Datadog
135K | 25K | N/A
40 SplunkP3
160K | 0 | N/A
41 Better MortgageL3
150K | 0 | N/A
42 eBay
160K | 0 | N/A
43 SpotifySenior
145K | 14K | N/A
44 ChewyC05
142K | 16K | N/A
45 Retool
147K | 0 | N/A
46 Momentive.aiP4
119K | 20K | N/A
47 AmazonRecruiter II
84K | 72K | N/A
48 Tesla
127K | 25K | N/A
49 NuroL4
135K | 0 | N/A
50 UberSenior Recruiter II
135K | 15K | N/A
Last Updated: June 15, 2024
How is this table calculated?

We aggregate our submissions from the last two years to calculate the data.

For 'All Levels', we compute the median entry across all submission for a particular company, location and job role.

For Software Engineers, we support a standardized framework based around company leveling data. We compute the median entry for a particular company, location, standard level and job role.