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Software Engineer Intern

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Summer 2023
Remote Canada
$15.61 / hr
$2,706 / mo

Undergrad (Junior)

$180 Transportation

Fall 2023
Waterloo, Canada
$38.00 / hr
$6,587 / mo

Undergrad (Junior)

Spring 2022
Waterloo, Canada
$39.00 / hr
$6,760 / mo

I was given options for hybrid in Toronto/Waterloo or full remote. If remote, you are able to sign up to go into the office. I am being paid $1960 CAD per week as a Front End Engineer Intern.

Fall 2021
Waterloo, Canada
$65.00 / hr
$11,267 / mo

No housing, $100 per month transportation, In Office Meals, Co-op Stock Options

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