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Mid-Level Frontend Engineer: Compensation Check

Hey folks, I got inspired to ask his question based on this recent post at -

I consider myself a Mid-Level Frontend developer / engineer / software engineer (4.5 years professional experience). I have worked for 2 different public e-commerce focused companies, each with experience building beautiful, responsive, fluid user interfaces using React and its ecosystem mostly. I am also fairly confident in leading projects from start to finish. I specifically really enjoy taking on that role to improve on making better architectural decisions.

Anyway, I'm getting around $140K, as a contractor. I'm based in Boston MA. My benefits are not so great (i.e., no RSOs, almost no PTOs only sick days and not so great of a 401K plans).

Based on my minimal details, am I being compensated fairly? Am I being paid correctly based on my market value. If not, what is the current true market value for my role?

Also, any advice on taking on a contract role vs. Full time? Like any preference for a full time role on a company over a contract role?