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Dealing with Rejection

I did two in-person onsites two weeks ago, and just received the rejection emails from them. I knew I did not perform well, even though I have been putting in the time and effort to study for them. System design, Leetcode (blind75/Neetcode150), behavioral questions, etc. Even with the prep and knowing I didn't perform well the day of, it still sucks.

I want to do well. I try my best, but in the heat of the moment everything goes out the window. I usually write things down on paper, but they expect me to write out my though process in the IDE instead of pen/paper THEN write the code out on Coderpad.

I just want a higher TC and an in-person place to work. Remote work has been so crap for me.

Does each rejection get easier? Or gets harder the more you care?

cehu9c11Software Engineer at Mailchimpa year ago
Sorry to hear about this! I saw a thread a while back that I thought was helpful. Pasting the part that I liked here- Comment was by "JsonStatham" Been there man, I feel ya. What I struggled with the most was the lack of motivation to get back to the grind and start interviewing again. Here's how I overcame that. First I gave myself a day rest. Not more, not less. Then I started working on some easier prep stuff for e.g. easy LC Qs and Sys Design problems. Small wins to boost confidence. After that I'd get back to the ol' grind and start applying for more companies again. This had 2 steps, my grind now involved focusing more on my weaknesses from feedback (both from others and my critical self). For e.g. if I bombed a Graph Q then I'd revisit it and solve more Qs related to it to sort of strengthen my knowledge and problem solving abilities. The second step was to interview for easy apply companies and gain back confidence in acing interviews, again, small wins to boost confidence. Once I felt ready, I targeted the big ones. It could be FAANG/MANGA or any company from your dream list. If I failed again, repeated above steps till successful. Hope this helps. Cheers!
cehu9c11Software Engineer at Mailchimpa year ago
For reference, I was trying to land a job at Mailchimp and struggling with inposter syndrome. Before I landed this job, I worked at small companies and just was not happy. This isn't a FAANG but I really love the product mailchimp offers and making the pivot from marketing to swe was already daunting enough. But I took this advice and I started this job 2 months ago. I'm really appreciative of the advice people gave in that thread because I was worried about missing the only chance I could have working at my dream job. So far, I am loving it! I hope you bounce back strong. I know you can! Source:



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