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Switching to product management from business analysts !!

Hello Everyone,

I came to US on H1B. My position in my LCA document is of business analyst. Can I switch as a product manager. It is allowed to change designation.  What effect it will have on green card queue. Can someone explain as I new here. Also please guide me what should I do for faster green card. I just landed here Pittsburgh with a service based Indian company. I am Indian. Need to change job to increase salary and designation to product manager. 
Aslo what should I learn to start my career as a product manager. Is switching from BA to PM is the obvious next step right ? 
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There are a few PM help threads that may help! Unfortunately, I don't have time to search them all, but you can use the search bar to find relevant threads which may help out. You can see this for example: https://www.levels.fyi/community/thread/JDoFuN/pm-career-development-tips



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