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Product Manager 2 years ago

PM Career Development Tips

I recently started as a Senior PM at a startup and am already feeling overwhelmed. This is my first time as a Senior PM but I have 4 yrs of experience. What career development opportunities do you recommend for ramping up as best as possible?

kirklandpdmProduct Manager 2 years ago
I think Product Manager is such a tricky role to feel at home with right off the bat. Your success as a PM comes from the relationships you foster at the company. You need to people to like you and want to help you. I truly believe that even a seasoned PM will feel overwhelmed at a new company. Just put the time in, ask to drop in on meetings that have nothing to do with you, go to happy hours, keep your camera on and look friendly and approachable.

You have the experience, or you wouldn’t have been hired to a senior role. Your job is to connect the dots, and you can’t do that if you don’t know anyone yet.
19g6ul44m6c6cProduct Manager 2 years ago
Thank you for the encouraging words. I will take your advice.



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