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Negotiating an offer in the UK

Hi folks - looking for some UK-specific guidance on negotiating salaries at tech companies. Will be joining a rapidly growing start-up (500+ employees, £100m+ raised) and I'm not sure what the local norms are with regards to sign-on bonuses, performance bonuses, equity and other factors. My initial research suggests we in the UK do not negotiate offers as effectively as our counterparts in the US, or perhaps it is not as common.

Any guidance would be really appreciated. 
BrianBusiness Development at Levels.fyi 
Hey there! We've helped negotiate plenty of offers based in the UK despite our coaches and primary experience being based in the US. For the most part, the strategies translate pretty well. The main idea is that these companies are data-oriented, so your goal should be to provide the right data and leverage during the negotiations to make the push for a higher compensation. Startups, specifically, tend to have a bit more wiggle room in terms of how they negotiate and what they take as usable data/leverage, but their ranges and upward growth may be limited compared to a more established company, so just keep that in mind as you go through the process. If you want more formal coaching, where our team can guide you throughout the process to ensure you're saying all the right things, I'd definitely check out our coaching page here: https://www.levels.fyi/services/
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Thanks Brian, really appreciate your response and I’ll be sure to check out the coaching page.