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Cruise CEO, Kyle Vogt, resigns amidst regulatory changes

The resignation follows a string of missteps by Cruise. As CNBC previously reported, the company recently issued a recall affecting 950 of its robotaxis following a pedestrian collision in San Francisco last month. Cruise had lost its permits to operate driverless vehicles in California without a human safety driver on board as a result of that pedestrian collision.

According to its most recent quarterly update, GM has lost roughly $1.9 billion on Cruise between January and September, including $732 million in the third quarter alone.

Cruise also recently suspended its RLO equity program which offers liquidity for employees:

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The post here emphasizes multiple times that it was a pedestrian collision, but omits the driver who actually performed a hit & run and ran the person over. Then, as a result of being hit by an aggressive driver, the person was sent as a projectile under the car in the right lane (not under the front of the car) but instead the person went right under the middle of the car and then erroneously made a pull over maneuver which dragged them for 20 feet when it detected a collision.