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Recruiter AMA- Surviving #TechWinter 🥶

Update: 12/9 - 2pm PT

Hey everyone, thank you for submitting so many great questions! I hope we were able to provide some valuable insight for you all.

We couldn't get to every question, but we'll be taking a look throughout the weekend and next week, so please keep checking back to see as we provide more answers!


Hi everyone, Brian here with some exciting news! 📣

We're hosting our second Recruiter AMA right here in the community on December 9th from 11am-1pm PT (2-4pm ET).

Ask any questions about resumes, interviews, jobs, and more. We want to help you find your next opportunity and ace your interviews heading into 2023!

If you missed the last event, check out our first AMA where we talked about salary negotiations.

Can I do anything prior?

  • Comment below with any questions you might have. Ask as many as you want!
  • If you have friends or colleagues who want to skip the waitlist, share your invite codes. If you’ve run out, let us know and we’ll refresh your count.

What kind of questions should I ask?

  • How long does it take to recover from a layoff?
  • Should I look for a job now or wait until the market recovers?
  • How can I strengthen my application while being laid off?

Where is the AMA and how do I get the Discount Code for Resume Reviews?

  • For 20% off a resume review session with us, use the discount code TECHWINTER
  • Recruiters will answer questions in the thread below. We will update this post and keep it pinned for you.

Lastly, download our iOS / Android app so you don't miss the next AMA!

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What's the best way to get a recruiter's attention on LinkedIn?

Also, do recruiters influence your chances of getting accepted for a job?

Finally, what are some red flags recruiters look for in candidates that are still waiting to hear back post interview?