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October Welcome + Market Update 🎃

New October members -- Welcome!

This is a place to chat and ask questions about all things tech, jobs, and ways to advance your career! We hosted our first Coaches AMA last month where community members asked questions about negotiations, interviews, career pivots and more. If you missed it, check it out here!

Market Update:

Wage gains are being eaten up by inflation despite the Federal Reserves attempts at inflation control. As a result, compensation is the top reason for resignations, followed by burnout, and work-life balance according to Bank of America's 12th annual Workplace Benefits Report. Employers are adding to the pressure by shifting their focus to cost cutting measures such as hiring freezes, team restructuring, and of course, layoffs. Companies like Twilio, Docusign, Lyft, GAP, and Oracle have all released hundreds of workers globally.

Despite the ominous news, our team remains hopeful. Candidates we’ve spoken to seem optimistic about their chances of landing a new role and our coaches echoed that sentiment. Let us know how we can support you in your job search and send us ideas or feedback at!

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halfBloodPrinceComputer Science at Othera year ago
Help new grads and the people who're getting laid off. They're the ones who're suffering the most. I'm a new grad and it's impossible rn to find a good job. I'm getting ghosted so badly rn. Let me know if anyone can help me with this.
312threeBackend Software Engineer a year ago
Look for companies that have internal training programs, those tend to be more ready to hire <2 year experienced engineers