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Product Manager a year ago

How do you prepare for remote interviews?

We’re all rather used to remote interviews by now and I’m sure everyone will agree that making a really good impression over Zoom can be pretty difficult. The negotiation coaching and resume review services help with some of the pre-meeting prep, but I’d love to hear how others prepare for online interviews.

I try to make sure my lighting and audio is good and I’m at least looking presentable (even if that means throwing on a collared shirt right before the meeting starts) - that feels like the bare minimum, to be honest, so does anyone have any other tips or thoughts on how to best prepare? I’ve thought of scripting my answers to some things that interviewers usually ask about, but I’ve never got round to actually doing that and am not sure if it would even be helpful.

19g616l154nkaySoftware Engineer 10 months ago
I’ve always created a Google Doc of the company that I’m interviewing for and if possible, my interviewer. Talking about their experiences and asking personalized questions has gone a long way for me. Even when networking, if I ask someone for a virtual cup of coffee, I try to get to know about their work as much as possible. I’m a SWE so I try to find their GitHub and see what kinds of cool things they’re working on.

I also look for questions frequently asked on their Glassdoor, write out a thought out response, and try to remember the main points. When it comes to the actual interview, I always take a shot of -insert alcohol- to calm my nerves