How to Get a Spotify Internship

Have you been a fan of Spotify and its technology for years but are hesitant to apply for an internship program?

Have you been a fan of Spotify and its technology for years but are hesitant to apply for an internship program? Are you unsure what to expect or don't know what types of people the company wants to hire?

There is no need to worry. At, we know that any job application process can be nerve-wracking, so we are determined to help you get ready ahead of time. Read our guide on how to get a Spotify internship and succeed in the interview process with ease.

How to Get a Spotify Internship

Spotify is a Swedish tech company that streams podcasts, music, and videos. The company has quickly grown since its inception date in 2008. It now has offices based in Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Sydney, London, Milan, Brussels, Madrid, Helsinki, Mexico City, Oslo, Stockholm, Singapore, and Warsaw.

There are many positions available at Spotify's three largest London, New York, and Stockholm offices. But it's tough to get hired, even as an intern. If you want to be a Spotify intern, you have to be creative, gritty, and show initiative throughout your application process.

Why You Should Consider Applying for a Spotify Internship

Spotify does a great job with employee satisfaction. The company aims to create a work environment that helps employees advance their careers and grow in their personal lives.

Here are a few reasons why Spotify is a great place to build your career.

  • Live performances. The work environment at Spotify is entirely centered around music. Spotify often hosts live music events at its offices and prefers to hire talented people and music lovers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Decently nice pay. At Spotify, your pay corresponds to how valuable you are to the organization. The company allows for paid leave and adjusts salaries according to the existing market.
  • Free food. Spotify believes that food can help employees focus on their cognitive tasks and ensure that its employees don't go hungry.

Spotify Internship Interview Process

Spotify's hiring process is extensive.

Here are a few standard steps you can expect when applying for a job opportunity or a student internship program with Spotify:


To start an application process, you would need to fill out an internship application directly on Spotify's website. Remember that each position is unique, so you need to tailor your resume, previous work experiences, major projects, and the entire application to the position you want.


The entire interview process for a Spotify internship can take anywhere between two to four weeks. After your resume has been reviewed, an internship coordinator will set up a phone interview with you, followed by one or a combination of Skype, technical, or onsite interviews.

  • Phone interview. The first interview is conducted over the phone to establish your interest and relocation options. It is instrumental in letting the recruiting team get a general view of who you are as a person and how your experiences can help you succeed in the student program.
  • Skype interview. After the first phone screen, you might be invited to a Skype interview. It could feature technical questions, personal questions about your passion for music and motivation, and behavioral questions. You can visit to get some expert tips on how to answer interview questions effectively. Of course, don't forget to follow a standard interview dress code, even if it is over Skype!
  • Technical interview. A technical interview is likely to involve solving a programming problem in real-time so that the interviewers can evaluate how your work under pressure.
  • Onsite interview. Finally, an onsite interview will consist of a portfolio review, another programming test, whiteboard programming, and an introduction to team members. If successful, you will be invited to one final interview to determine whether you are a good git for the company's work culture.

Spotify Internship Application Tips

Many Spotify employees acquire their position through internal referrals. However, the company is currently diversifying the platforms used to hire the talent, and more and more emphasis is placed on the candidate application itself.

  • Do some cold outreach. Sometimes, there are internships in certain departments that are not publicly available. In that case, it never hurts to do some cold outreach to departments that you want to join. Whether in marketing or product management, you might get lucky and get an internship that was not posted anywhere online.

  • Show initiative. Showing your past experiences isn't enough. You need to show that you want to work in the music streaming industry. If you still have time to do a music streaming-related project to impress them in your application, do it. It pays to show something that can already provide value to Spotify in one way or another.

  • Be creative. When applying for a Spotify internship, make sure that your application stands out from the crowd. Many successful applicants use social media to get attention from the hiring managers. If you do apply with a resume, it needs to be different from a standard list of your accomplishments. Instead, highlight your passion for the music industry and describe creative projects that you were involved in.

  • Network and become the perfect candidate. Do your research and try to understand what your future hiring managers are looking for. You can study LinkedIn profiles of current Spotify employees, previous student interns, and recent graduates and try to understand how their personal experiences have helped them get hired. Don't be afraid to reach out to current employees and ask them questions like:

  • What software platforms do they use in their job?

  • What do they value in the workplace?

  • What skills are essential for an intern at Spotify?

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