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Highest Paying Companies of 2019

The Levels.fyi annual report for software engineering compensation. Questions? Reach out at hello@levels.fyi

This was a big year for Levels.fyi. We're excited to share market trends, what we've accomplished this year and what's to come. Compensation figures below reflect median total yearly compensation including salary, stock, and bonuses. As always, compensation and leveling depend on a variety of factors including interview performance, past experience, competitive offers, etc. The compensation numbers here are for the absolute top paying tech companies and may not reflect compensation for the rest of the market.

Top Pay by Levels

The Levels.fyi Standard is a leveling hierarchy we've abstracted from company-specific names to make aggregation easier. Click through the level names below to see the top paying companies in 2019. See the compensation for all companies here.

Top Pay by Region

We crunched the numbers across the United States and found the following metros to have the highest median pay.

RankLocationMedian Pay
1San Francisco Bay Area, CA


2Seattle, WA


3New York, NY


4Los Angeles Greater Area, CA


5Pittsburgh, PA


Year in Review

After three years operating as a side-project, we (Zaheer & Zuhayeer) have officially gone full-time on Levels.fyi. Our Mission is to help people make better career decisions and we're just getting started!


What's Next

We believe people should be paid fairly and the first step towards it is transparency. To do so, we aim to source and present the most accurate and comprehensive dataset available anywhere. In the coming months, we'll be adding richer data including reviews, benefits, and more. Although our compensation data is the most accurate crowdsourced set online, we're determined to do better. We started down this road when we began collecting verified offer letters and are looking forward to continue innovating and raising the bar.

Over the years we've found that our anonymous data is not just useful to job-seekers, but also recruiters and compensation analysts. Through conversations, we realized the need for normalizing and cleansing our data. We have been working with several companies around compensation and leveling. In the next year we'll further expand our offerings in this area. Contact us for more info!

A big Thank You to all of our users! We look forward to serving you on our road to the #1 site for workplace transparency!

How can I contribute?

  1. Submit leveling information for your company
  2. Add your compensation anonymously
  3. Spread the word and help us bring transparency to the workplace. Share the report with your friends, social networks and groups!
  4. Email us any other feedback!

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