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What makes people click "apply now"

Really cool data on the impact culture, comp, and a few other things have on whether an applicant will click apply on a job posting.

As I'd imagine, culture was number one but I was VERY surprised to see comp and salary that low. Not sure if that's related to the type of role or not but would be interesting to see the data sliced to account for it.


Key Takeaways:

  • Company culture is the leading driver of applicants per job posting. 
  • Big Tech companies receive the highest number of applications on their postings.
  • Creative jobs received the highest concentration of applicants during this time.
What Makes Applicants Click "Apply Now?"

What Makes Applicants Click "Apply Now?"

Amid labor shortages and the Great Resignation, one question remains key: How does a company attract high quality candidates?

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Okay, what makes a culture “toxic” because toxic for one may be perfectly fine for someone else? I think that needs to be defined because people love throwing the term around when it’s convenient for them imo.

Work hard play hard might be toxic to some people. That’s like normal and expected in big tech. That’s partly why we get paid so well 🤑