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Computer Science at University of California, Berkeleya year ago

Adobe vs Addeppar vs Start Up

I am in an incredibly priveleged position to be asking this question, but im currently a junior in college and have internship offers from adobe, addeppar, and ripple. Currently im fulltime at a startup I helped start and own about 4%. We raised 3 million at a 25 million dollar valuation, I hit my one year vest in june and am confused abt what to do next summer. 

Adobe has given me a research offer that is technically targetted at phd students, and the rest are just regular internships. 

I am trying to figure out if i should stay at the startup or leave and do a summer of ML/AI/Blockchain research at adobe, and how that would affect my career prospects so if someone w more experience has thoughts that would be awesome:).

Also I did work at Amazon last summer so I have experience working at big tech in that sense.
19g616l13ts15na year ago
I would do adobe for the name on the resume, experience on a big company and their amazing WLB. Congratulations on the offers and best of luck!
AnonkapaComputer Science at University of California, Berkeleya year ago
I forgot to mention I did amazon last summer so I already do have a big name on the resume



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