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Software Engineer 2 years ago

Backing down after signing an offer letter

Hi everyone,

I've signed an offer letter with Github a few weeks ago but ended up going forward with my ongoing Google interview rounds and now finally with an offer. 

I'm wondering if it's worth backing down from the GitHub offer for an opportunity to work at Google. I've considered some aspects, but I suppose having Google in your CV is probably more beneficial. Obviously, the company is bigger and provides better career opportunities long-term and generally has more to offer project-wise. Although GitHub seems to be slightly more generous when it comes to compensation, at least where I live. They also seem more flexible - being a full remote company. 

What potential hit  could my CV/career  take by doing so. What's the best way to do it gracefully should it be a good idea? 
undertoneSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
If GitHub is paying more and offering remote I’d actually stick to that offer. Obviously Google has more international recognition and mindshare, but GitHub will pretty much give you equivalent career opportunities especially in tech.
19g6vl0i4v30rSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I agree. And I guess you can always make it into Google again - you passed the bar once why shouldn't you do so again?



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