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Full-Stack Software Engineer 2 years ago

Going to talk to google

Im currently an SDE 1 at a Fortune 500 making 120k salary, but seems like my company is slowly pushing us into the office. 

I like my current job but i do want to move back home and try to work remote. Thats when a Google recruiter got in touch with me. 

Im curious to see if google would compensate me with ~15k to pay back relocation and guarantee compensation for lost RSU's that i have with my current company.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of repaying type of request that I will make? 
Libkfrvwabjl7Software Engineer 2 years ago
Might be a tough ask if the recession gets worse but lots of other factors could swing a yes or no either way.

Just apply for other jobs while the transition happens and move if the opportunity presents itself. Idk if bows a good time to quit given the “experts” seem to be all over the place this early