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Should i switch companies?

I'm from a tier 2 college in India and I've been working in a successful fintech startup based out of Bangalore.

It's been a year and a half including my six month internship, and the pay is above industry standards.

However, I'm starting to find work a little redundant in terms of designing and writing code for new features from start to end, in the same domain. I see some limits to what I can learn as a distributed systems/backend engineer here. I think my learning curve will plateau by the end of this year/early next year. There'll always be something to learn, but my team solves business problems and not platform requirements (like a metric ingestion service)

I also hear that the pay is better in other companies, but my current one has a good culture, a bright future and job security.

Should i think about switching teams (like a platform team) OR should i think about switching companies? Or should i stay where i am?

I'd be happy to answer any follow ups. Any advice would be appreciated.

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gingerbread013Data Scientistย ย 
honestly the situation is going to be everywhere. If things are good here, use this time to hone your skills and once market is back to hiring mode try your luck to find something new. Now market seems dry. All hirings happening are subjected to low ball offer. So wait and enjoy your time while preparing.
sentinelbitSoftware Engineerย ย 
I'd second this. Since you are comfortable with your work, you can make time to prepare for advanced tech interviews. Give this preparation a good 4-6 months and then you could start applying/interviewing.