franktastic4 in  
Marketing Operations a year ago

If you could improve one skill between this meeting and the next, which would you choose?

My supervisor asked me this question during reviews and I wasn't sure how to answer. I'm in performance marketing and things have been up and down all year, generally trending down like a lot of other businesses. CAC is a struggle and I'm anxious about whether this q has something to do with performance or not Have you guys had this come up?

poloma12Recruiter a year ago
I wouldn't take this as a bad thing. Assuming the context was around professional development and career advancement, this is a great question.
franktastic4Marketing Operations a year ago
Really!? What makes it a great question because I'm freaking out about it. The question came up around what we can do to improve performance. The team has taken a few L's in the past few months with people leaving and sales slumping a bit. The morale as a whole isn't great but maybe you're right...