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Computer Science 2 years ago

Rejected ten thousand times!!!

I've been rejected by IT companies big and small for internship opportunities eventhough I'm an experienced software engineer 😭, but my friends who are struggling with mere coding got a job in maang,(by lying on resume) and soon kicked out of it for not performing well.

Should I lie on my resume too??
CoffeeAndMatchaFull-Stack Software Engineer 2 years ago
“And soon kicked out for not performing well.” There’s no short cut on these things. In the bright side, if you do the work you can definitely land a job.

I’d suggest keying in which part of the interview process is getting you filtered out.

If you never get past submitting the resume:
- focus on building projects on your github profile, keeping it green and showing your learning
- contribute open source for experience collaborating
- volunteer at tech events
- hackathons
- clean up your resume and a template cover letter. Then tailor the cover letter to match each company you apply to

If you’re bombing on screener:
do all of the above, and also work hard studying theory and completing code challenges.

If you’re bombing onsite: do all of the above and work on your communication skills, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and kindness. People can definitely be filtered out if they’re not someone a team would want to interact with daily.
oKeydoKeyComputer Science at University of Pennsylvania2 years ago
Thanks for the tips! +1 on hackathons. If you take them seriously, you can meet a lot of great mentors and get onsite interviews (pre-covid).



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