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Are there still L4 positions open at Square?

I got a team match and went to hiring committee. The committee said I am on the border of L4 and L5, so the committee said that I should be an L4 coming in on the higher end. Recruiter said that the bar for L5 has been higher recently or something. Unfortunately, the original team match I had cannot take me since they want an L5, so I have to find a team that is ok with an L4 ( I wouldn't have to go through hiring committee again they said). Does anyone here know if there are still L4 positions available or would I have to wait till next year? Any potential HMs here perhaps that are looking for an L4? I have 5 yoe.

Okf1b87taSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Good luck man! Sucks that you're on "the border" like... just make you an L5 already. makes no sense.
texastoastSoftware Engineerย atย Snapa year ago
Yeah My thinking is thry are being strict cause of econ conditions. Are you at square by any chance?



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