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Samsung upgrades AI, security and sustainability at SDC 2023

Samsung Electronics unveiled upgrades to its SmartThings appliance connectivity, and the Samsung Knox Matrix at SDC in San Francisco, highlighting AI, security, and sustainability in products.

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Samsung's SmartThings and Open Innovation

  • Samsung's SmartThings, integrated with the Matter standard, now has over 290 million users.
  • This innovation enables users to connect a wide range of products and services.

Advancements in Home AI and Tizen OS

  • Home AI Edge technology allows appliances with lower computing power to access AI services from stronger devices, enhancing Tizen OS.
  • This makes all devices in the home smarter, creating a more cohesive environment.

Food AI, Health Integration, and Bixby Updates

  • Samsung Food, integrated with Samsung Health, offers AI-driven features like recipe sharing, grocery purchasing, and personalized recommendations.
  • Bixby, the virtual assistant, sees improved integration with SmartThings and will offer personalized user experiences across a variety of languages.

Security and Privacy Upgrades

  • Knox Matrix received updates, including Credential Sync and Trust Chain for enhanced security.
  • Knox Vault, the blockchain-based security vision, is being expanded to more devices.

Collaborations and Digital Health Solutions

  • Samsung announced collaborations with major organizations to boost health tech research.
  • New digital health experiences are offered through SmartThings and Samsung Food, improving user-device-service connection.


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