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What do you think of Web 3.0?

Relive: The Web 3.0 House of Cards โ€“ Dezentrale Jahresendveranstaltungen Streaming
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Reflects the current state of the internet - centralized often state control in an attempt to control and monitor information transfer and access in order to present a sanitized version of the real online world to most users. Excessive centralization in routing methods used result in a few top levels and big companies having usually high amounts of leverage over the common man. Makes you wonder why Microsoft removed peer-to-peer wifi networking after windows 7 and dropped in extensive file scanning and Microsoft account setups, too. Probably will wind up like the abandoned Bitcoin (abandoned by the Chinese government) because achieving the 51%+ control of miners is merely a no-end game between their servers and the NSA's dropping online ever increasing numbers of servers. And yes, we all know GoDaddy isn't to be trusted. Black Hat Seo forums long-timers always use other hosts and name providers.



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