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Project ideas

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This question is for any Data Scientists or people involved in that field. I am looking for advice to help me stand out with recruiters. I come from a software engineering background, primary using Python. I want to become a Data Scientists and am familiar with models, visualizations and some database tools. I want to create project that those in the field use on a regular basis. Any tips or resources welcomed.ย 
skrrtData Scientistย 2 years ago
you could look into kaggle and do some of the competitions there or use them as inspiration for projects. I would also look into building out some cool data visualizations/investigations and putting them on a personal website. I think its a little bit harder to impress data science recruiters with projects compared to software since DS projects often require context to understand and aren't easy to interface with, so I would either try to build something end to end that has a UI/UX that people can interface with or build a set of projects into a portfolio. This blog series talks about DS portfolios and seems pretty helpful: https://www.dataquest.io/blog/build-a-data-science-portfolio/