BrooklynBroke in  
Business Analyst 2 years ago

End of the Golden Age for SWE

Hey, it was good while at lasted. 10 years of massive stock growth. All great things eventually come to an end. Think of the Roman empire-- it lasted 2000 years, but ended.

 We have neared the end of the plethora of 500k pay packages for SWEs, similar to that of banking post- financial crisis. With declining profits, Uber, Meta, Neflix, etc will need to cut costs. Employees are the first to go. In the future, companies will still pay 500k, but just be much more selective because a new hire must have that skillset  that is super duper specialized. 

Thoughts? Agree or disagree?

undertoneSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Ehh I don’t think so, personally still feel like there’s too much room for innovation left to unlock with software. Also good to keep some perspective, markets are still up by a considerable amount compared to February 2020 – that’s not that long ago!
BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst 2 years ago
Looks like layoffs are coming Carvana axed 2500 people. More to come. Better hunker down with savings.