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Current Amazon L5 with a new offer. Can I use my new offer to renegotiate my current comp?

Current L5, about 150k base, 90k RSU, fully remote.

I have a new offer - 160k base, 15k sign on, 300k RSU. Problem is it's fully on site in the Bay Area. I'm very concerned that the cash is not enough to cover housing plus taxes on RSUs. I'm married with 15 years experience, not a recent grad with roommates for example. We don't mess with the rental market anymore.

Any advice for using this offer as leverage for a better deal in my current role? I've never done this before. 
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It's always tougher to re-negotiate your current salary, but Amazon does have a "dive and save" policy where they'll increase your compensation in an attempt to retain you once you say you'll leave. But I'm not sure if it's guaranteed and you'll have to legitimately be willing to walk away for them to bring it up.