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Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University 2 years ago

Imposter syndrome

Recruiters have been calling me for interviews.I am currently in the job market looking for data engineer role and software engineer roles.Anytime a recruiter ask me about my salary expectation,i always feel really shy to come up with high  figures for data engineer and software engineer salaries.Sometimes i know this roles goes for 130k- 175k per year and i will demand 120k-145k per year.How do i overcome this feeling?
e1rlmfa3KBackend Software Engineer 2 years ago
I had a coach help me with this actually. Understanding that the recruiter is playing a game to get the best candidate at the best price helped me be more confident. If you know you have the skills, they should pay you for it. So what number would you be happy with? If you can get 175k and the minimum you are happy with is 120k, then tell them that. If you are happy with 140-175, why low ball yourself?