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I'm currently in college and about to start university in 2024. For my course weere currently programming in C#. I'm most competent with C and am proficient with Python. What programming languages besides are often used in industry for machine learning applications or projects? Some people have recomended C++ or even Rust I'm more so leaning towards C++ due to it being more widely adopted. Should I be focusing on C/C++ and python; or would learning rust be useful?  Besides programming languages what relevant technologies are used in industry as well. 
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crescentSoftware Engineer  
If you're thinking about career prospects, most companies won't care too much about which languages a junior has experience with. Not the worthwhile ones, anyway. Experiment, see what you like and don't like, you can't do it wrong.

As for more tooling; version control and automated testing (unit testing) will add a lot of professionalism to how you work. Version control will definitely make learning languages easier when you know you can undo mistakes. I know these aren't ML specific but all developers should use them.

More importantly, look for summer internships and consider a placement year at university. It just makes job searching that much easier once you graduate. Plus, you were going to write code all summer anyway, right? May as well be paid too!

Good luck with your exams!



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