rob in  
Software Engineer 2 years ago

do you guys budget?

I’m guilty of saying that I don’t budget. It’s mostly because I just don’t spend a lot. Maybe like $50 per week on groceries and then $1000 on rent.

I’m not too concerned about tracking every dollar because I max out my 401k and IRA every year. Then I invest any leftovers.

Curious as to how many of you guys budget?

randomSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
When my income was large enough that I found a financial planner (i.e > $400k/yr) he was very clear that I shouldn't sweat the little stuff. Big purchases are where the money disappears. Grow your income and economize on rent, houses, vacations, cars, etc. don't worry about the avocado toast.
robSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
That is very true! Although I'm not at >400k per year, I don't really make big purchases. Maybe a good sweater every so often. I am definitely trying to grow my network at this moment.