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Software Engineer a year ago

How much should an early startup be paying me?

Hey everyone! Im talking with a startup that is in very early stages currently. They are finalizing an accelerator application and wanting to bring me on in the lead technical role. In my last conversation with the founder, he said he is thinking of paying me on an hourly basis and then also on a project base, then salary once they have more funding to build out the team.

My question to you guys is (generally of course) how much should I be asking for from a startup in this position as far as hourly wages go? The time commitment is seemingly 20-30 hours per week and I am fresh out of school and so is everyone running the company.

Thank you innadvance and I am happy to clarify anything best I can. 
HueloSoftware Engineer a year ago
You’re gonna be biting the bullet on income if the company is THAT early stage. Assuming they have no revenue or money already raised, it’ll be a combination of equity and hopefully salary after a year of the hourly rate.

At this point, it’s not n you to name your price.