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Security AnalystΒ a month ago

Help breaking into cyber/IT

My spouse has been studying to try to break into IT/Cyber for about a year now, she got a certificate in digital evidence discovery, and aws ccp, and she's now working on a masters in cybersecurity at WGU (already had a bachelor's in Psychology), as well as studying for GFACT with SANS. So far blindly applying to anything we see on LinkedIn, indeed, etc.. gets us nowhere so what is everyone's recommendations on where to go next? How does she get connected with recruiters or hiring managers that can help bridge the gap to her first job in cyber?Β 
broncSoftware Engineering ManagerΒ a month ago
Find people who work on security, build your network up. Try hitting up local meetups, vendor dog and pony shows, and local B-sides events.

For entry level roles, many bigger companies have entry level pipelines. Google has this, Salesforce has this, etc. I’d also connect with startups - they often need entry level talent.