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aspiringpolymathย inย ย 
Biologyย 3 months ago

PM Related Internships

Hi all, currently a junior with a non-engineering major and looking/applying for internships and have applied to a lot to be a PM internship but compared to others theres not as many are there similar intern roles I could apply to to get applicable experience if I hope to apply for APM jobs after college? Thanks in advance!ย 
O0r13aneaumProduct Managerย 3 months ago
Do you have any actual PM experience? If not, you'll want to find ways to boost your street cred in that area as competition for PMs is stiff. Things like: - Collaborating with the product team to define the product vision - Setting the objectives and key results - Building a strategic product roadmap that fits in with the overall strategy of the department and the company - Speaking to customers to collect feedback - Working with the developers to deliver quality features and products within the expected timeline You can do all of these things in non-swe environments but assuming you are looking for a more technical role, you'll need to work with swe and design teams
aspiringpolymathBiologyย atย Arizona State University3 months ago
I had a very PM internship this past summer and I would say I hit most of those skills, but like you said itโ€™s competitive so Iโ€™m looking for other opportunities too incase Iโ€™m not able to get a PM internship this summer especially since my background is not CS other than a semester long boot camp