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Software Engineer a year ago

How to make a case to be at considered at a staff level

I am expecting some news from a company I am interviewing with. They are looking for a Senior II / Staff level position.

I still don't know which level I am considered at, but from the data reported on levels.fyi, there is a pretty big difference in terms of compensation. It's also much less interesting for me if they place me as senior II.

If i'm not considered for staff level, how should I go about changing their minds?

Any questions I should be asking?

Anything else I should do/avoid?

Thanks for the feedback

HankHillSecurity Software Engineer at Walmarta year ago
Staff is more about scope, soft skills, business alignment, and getting buy-in from stakeholders, and on the technical side architecture, than Senior positions, which are more hands-on-keyboard.

If you've not initiated or driven a significant project or program from the tech side, selling yourself as a Staff level will be difficult.



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