Kdoniwienx in  
Data Science 2 years ago

New Visa for workers in the UK

Theres a new visa called "The High Potential Individual" visa.

For the visa, the primary criterion is that applicants should have graduated within the last five years from one of the world’s top-ranked 50 universities outside of the U.K. Twenty of the 50 schools on the Home Office’s list are in the U.S., including tech feeder schools like Harvard, Stanford, CalTech and MIT. Unlike H-1B visa applicants, they do not need a job offer to apply and can work in the U.K. for two years if they have a bachelor’s or master’s degree or for three years if they have a doctorate.
kmgjhyw9Materials Science & Engineering 2 years ago
This is very flexible compared to the H1 visa! With an HPI visa you can: - work in most jobs (thats very attractive) - look for work (so no need to have an offer) - be self-employed (very surprised by this actually) - live in the UK with your partner and children, if they’re eligible (so only one person needs the visa for everyone to be eligible?) - do voluntary work (I cannot believe this actually lol) - travel abroad and return to the UK (so you are not stranded I suppose?)
KdoniwienxData Science 2 years ago
It makes it so that most people who are able to do a job can move to the UK. I worry about how this will impact the local economy there though. Maybe US firms will open more offices in the UK in that case?