Ciarakai in  
Public Relations at Boston University2 years ago

requesting a mentor/ someone who is willing to help out a new college graduate

Hi everyone,

I am a recent college graduate from Boston University. I am really interested in pursuing a role in product management. I have been networking, applying, and interviewing but would appreciate guidance from someone who is willing to help me out. Even though I have been really active, I am still very much struggling with actually getting that first role. I would appreciate help with ideas or anyone that has leads for a role that would be a good fit.

19g6xl1w5rsoyProduct Manager at Amazon2 years ago
I got hired @ Amazon right out of college. Lmk if you need a referral
19g615l1zb3jl1Networking Engineer 2 years ago
Im interviewing for a position at amazon, can I get a referal lol